How to Sleep with Co-Worker and not Completely Destroy Your Career?

November 30, 2018

How to Sleep with Co-Worker and not Completely Destroy Your Career?

In most organizations, having a relationship with a co-worker is not allowed as the management hold the opinion that such relationship will hinder the smooth implementation of duties. Despite the restrictions, there are instances when things get out of hand and you find yourself crushing on a co-worker.


Here is a guide on how you can carry on with a relationship with one of your co-worker and still have your career intact:

  • Maintain discretion: At times, being in a romantic relationship with your co-worker is unavoidable, considering that you spend most of your time together. When this happens, discretion is what will help you to maintain the status quo. Do not let other people into your secret and ensure that the only time you are together is when you are not in the office.
  • Avoid gossip: in the course of your relationship, ensure that you do not let your colleagues know what is going on. If you do, he may spread the gossip and this will create tension especially if such relationships are restricted in your workplace.
  • Do not let the relationship affect your performance at work: despite the attraction that exists between you, ensure that it does not get in the way of fulfilling your responsibilities. Carry out your duties as if nothing is happening between you because if others are allowed to know what is going on, any mistake will be directly connected with the ongoing relationship.
  • Date a colleague who is at your level: Dating a person you are in the same level will be of a greater advantage and the relationship will have a higher chance of standing the test of time. If you are a subordinate staff and you start dating your boss, every achievement will be regarded as a reward for sleeping with him. If you are a boss, everything you do for the subordinate you are sleeping with will be regarded as favoritism.


In the event that you choose to end the relationship, ensure that the break-up will be very clean. Avoid creating scenes as they will be used by your competitors to ruin the career that has taken you many years to build.

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