How can I Become a Better Listener at Work?

October 19, 2018

How can I Become a Better Listener at Work?

When holding a conversation at your place of work, it is tempting to want to have your voice heard and your opinion respected. However, thinking about your agenda and disregarding what every other person will say will bring conflicts in the workplace as people will regard you as self-centered and arrogant.

Here are some great tips that will enable you to become a better listener in your place of work:

  • Hold your agenda first: before you speak about your agenda, listen to what the other person is saying. Do not just pretend to listen while waiting for your chance to speak, be attentive and ensure that you get every detail of the conversation.


  • Ask questions: to ensure that you fully understand what the other person is saying, ask questions instead of giving answers. Allow the person who is speaking to expound on his agenda until you are able to get the deep truth


  • Repeat what you have heard: As you listen, it will be prudent to repeat a point that has been said. If the person speaking agrees with you, he will proceed to the next point and if this is not what he meant, he will expound until you are in agreement.


  • Give the persons speaking adequate time to finish talking before you give a response: before you air your opinion, it is important to allow the person speaking to finish what he is saying. Give the speaker all the attention before you respond and to achieve the best on this, avoid thinking of what you will say as the other person is speaking as this will make you miss a part of what will be said.

As you listen to your colleagues, aspire to learn from what they are saying. If you listen because it is a formality, you will be missing out on some important points that are a part of what is being said.

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