Why Do Women Sleep with their male Bosses?

A secretary walks into office, dressed slightly more provocative than usual, the boss takes notice, the situation escalates and suddenly he’s on top of her on the desk, ramming himself into her faster and faster. This is a very common scenario in office porn which most of us can attest to having seen some of at least once. There’s something hot about a woman submitting to a man in position of authority like that, so a woman having sex with the boss obviously scratches that itch. Due to this, the prevalence and popularity of office porn isn’t exactly surprising.

That said, it’s easy to explain this from the male side, the mere power fantasy and position of authority alone are enough to warranty a fetish, however why do women like this genre of porn, and more importantly, does it come from factual things that happen. In short do women actually have sex with the boss. The answer here is: Sometimes.

Firstly, we’ll cover some of the reasons why the boss may appeal to women, firstly, women are by nature wired to seek successful men, and per virtue of being their superior, the boss gets an air of authority and power around him. This alone is enough to lead some women to him, second is that women tend to prefer older men, which given that bosses are usually men that have been in the company for many years, usually are. Then there is the fact that women, on average, enjoy submitting, and enjoy having an authoritative man next to them, to be a boss requires managing people, which per virtue of the job itself makes the man at the very least appear authoritative to women.

The next factor is money, money, being a form of power is highly attractive to women. It is a well known fact it appeals to women, and while some may call them gold-diggers, they are in fact just doing what evolution intended, seeking the most powerful male to mate with, this can be strength, money or influence, but power is inherently extremely attractive to women. In addition to this, the boss is someone a woman will spend significant amounts of time with, while at the same time not enough to form a friendship, like with a coworker. The final reason tends to be that women that sleep with their bosses, even if not considered particularly attractive, get promoted more often.

All these factors together lead to the situation we see so often in porn manifesting in reality.